Monday, November 24, 2008

Mooooood Swings

I don’t get influenced by mood swings too much. But still a few activities are mood driven… focusing on work, dressing up, answering mobile calls etc. It doesn't mean that my mood is spoiled or that I am irritated, angry, frustrated etc. It also doesn't mean I am upset about something or someone. It is quite simple and straight – just that I don’t feel like doing anything. I need some time off doing nothing. Just a little time….

At least these days I have realized it myself. I am happy most of the times. Touch wood! Nothing can really bother me…even if it does, not for a long time. It just takes a few minutes to get back to normal. Because I strongly feel nothing is worth breaking my head so much. There are a few things I cannot avoid, so I go with the flow. And in a few circumstances I prepare myself for the worst with options in hand. So that way nothing comes as a surprise or shock.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Foreseeing death? Science has no clear answer…

Y’day my bro called me up to inform that his dear friend’s father passed away. He was around 67 and was suffering from stomach cancer for a few months. By the time they diagnosed, it was already in the last stage and doctors had given indication that he will not live for more than 6 months. A man with heavy built had shrunken a lot in very little time.

Yesterday morning he had taken two of the little pups for a small walk. When he wanted to enter inside the house, pups resisted and pulled him which was quite unusual behavior as per their family. He came inside, relaxed for few minutes and spoke about some kind of pain in his left arm. Later I believe he mentioned to his son (bro’s friend) that he will not survive for long and that he has been troubling them all for a long time. Again hearing such dialogue was unusual for family as they never heard him speak like that anytime before. A few minutes later he passed away.

What am I trying to say here is a lot of people can foresee their death a few days or hours before they pass away. Itz extremely surprising how that really happens. I have seen it with my own dad. I had never seen my dad talking so different anytime before. But he did, two days before he passed away. My dad started saying that he wants to go to his mom’s place soon. When we forced him to eat some food, he was saying things as in only mom’s cooking is tastier in the world..he will have food with his mom etc. His face had turned black 2 days before itself. My doggie at home was crying big-time the previous night. A monkey jumped through the hospital window, came to my dad and pulled his bed sheet. They say Lord Hanuman is ‘Prana Devaru’. Because I had heard a lot of people saying that these are some of the indications before death, I had started getting too panic about the whole aspect and was crying every now and then trying to imagine his absence in our lives.

When I reported my dad’s behaviour to the doctor, I guess even he understood what is going to happen. He said my dad is talking irrelevant things because of the blood circulation directly to his brain due to generation of some chemicals. (something on those lines). But I knew…. somehow my 6th sense told me that if my dad shows symptoms of immediate recovery all of a sudden, then itz even more obvious that he will not survive. There is a say in kannada ‘diva burns brighter than ever before it turns off’. Same thing happened… Dad who was not able to get up on his own for those 3 days - all of a sudden got up on his own in the mid night, walked in the corridors of the hospital, went to the toilet on his own several times the entire day.

While my other family members and relatives were very happy about the progress, I was trying to digest the fact that anything can go wrong anytime. And I witnessed the worst moment at 8.15pm on last day of diwali last year (2007). It was a colourful Sunday everywhere.

Anyway what I wanted to say was lot of people can foresee their death when it is about to hit them. No advancement in science and technology can still provide a logic to it. Isn’t it the superpower (I believe its God) that drives life and death?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Finally Karan Johar realized that he has to stop giving audience the emotional drama of shahrukh weeping with co-actress/es. Dostana, a different Karan Johar movie for sure!
More humour, unique storyline and different set of actors too.. Not all songs are great as it used to be in his previous films.

Sam (Abhishek) and Kunal (John) happened to meet each other a few times before they realize they both are in search of a house. They both land up visiting a 3 bedroom flat on the same day same time and the land lady (priyanka’s aunt) denies to give it to any babas (men) as its only open for babies (ladies); because they will have to share the house with Priyanka! They both fall in love with the house so much that they want to start living in it at any cost. Now how? Sam gives this wonderful idea of both him and Kunal acting like a gay couple without really letting the outside world know! And they both haven’t seen Priyanka yet.

They both admit to the landlady that they are gay couple thinking her niece is another ugly figure like the mausi.. Guess what they are wrong! Obviously itz Priyanka. Guys you are too late. You have already admitted that you are gay and no way you can take it back and manage to stay in the same house. So now better continue to act like gay couple and live along with her. The actual comedy starts from here as to what all pranks they have to pull in, what stories they have to cook up and with what difficultly they have to act desperate for each other to prove that they are gay! That’s so much fun.. All three becomes best of friends. Abhishek is hilarious, he has done a real good job. John has beaten salman khan in exposing. I feel he has over done it..

In the process as expected, both starts liking Priyanka. And now they can’t reveal the truth nor can they continue to lie! They both even applied for permanent residency as gay couple (as the approval process is faster in getting PR). So lot of drama happens that way and you will find a new entry Bobby Deol as Priyanka’s boss, the one whom Priyanka hates initially. Anyway Bobby ensures he appreciates her work and gives her all that she was expecting professionally.. So its quite natural for Priyanka to fall in love with Bobby who has a 5 year old son already (don’t ask me about his wife, it was never discussed).

Its time for Jagda.. Jealousy sets in.. Sam and Kunal want to do everything possible to ensure that Priyanka and Bobby are not together. Ok, no more dragging its just 2.5 hrs movie. So finally Sam and Kunal admit to Priyanka all their mistakes and apologise. Now there is a condition put by Bobby on behalf of Priyanka that only if Sam and Kunal kiss each other in front of the big crowd, Priyanka will forgive them. Common movie is over.. yup, they kissed each other finally. Priyanka is proud to get back to her friends after the forgiving formalities J That is Dostana for you!!

I am still surprised why did Karan Johar chose this subject.. do you have any idea? He could have taken either Abhishek or John's role himself as it comes quite naturally to him :-)))

Back Stage.. On Stage..

6th Nov was annual day celebration in our office. It was held at Christ College Auditorium. It was more of a business meeting combined with some amount of entertainment. The auditorium looked so classy with all modern lighting and sound equipments. They must have spent a fortune to create one such a set up. I took part in one of the performances which is a kind of MIME cum skit.

We had been practicing it almost since last 20 + days regularly. Our efforts didn’t go in drain as I witnessed a lot of people complimenting our performance immediately after the show.

The performance was for around 9 minutes and my role was for around 3 minutes overall I guess. Theme of the performance was Dream. I played the role of a beautiful college girl rejecting all the guys who fall for her because they are not successful in life. The girl’s interest is to get married to a rich guy!

I had to do catwalk on the stage twice in front of all these guys who comes to propose me. I could hear lot of whistling from the audience when I was walking on the stage J Then in the next scene I had to run behind a guy in slow motion (like they show in the movies) and later run away with a guy who is more richer!! Felt quite funny doing it all. I had not imagined myself acting on a big stage especially with a corporate group. Surprisingly I did not have even slightest stage fear! Let me try uploading the video..
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