Monday, January 5, 2009

Know your future!

Came across a forward with subject Horoscope 2009. That the year has just begun, a lot more such forwards will float everywhere.
These days I see even the so called ‘practical minded people’ running around everywhere with their horoscopes wanting to know what is in store in future. Number of TV shows on astrology and horoscopes have crazily gone up, so are the number of viewers!

From what I have seen earlier, the category and volume of people visiting astrologers was very orthodox and small in number. And it used to be mostly our parents/grand parents who used to visit known pandits and purohits who would mostly give recommendations on what has to be done with respect to a particular problem. And most of the times the problems were either related to marriage of daughters in the family wherever she had already crossed 25 or so (very few people hardly use to worry about son’s marriage as finding a bride was never a pain even when he didn’t have a job yielding him thousands of rupees every month) or couples who are childless showing their horoscope in hope to find a solution through poojas. Rarely people also used to go in search of astrologers at times of financial crisis in the family, health etc.

But look at what is happening now… you name a subject and there are claims of predictions being made on that! From buying a house, property dispute, court case to job, manager torture at workplace, investments in business, foreign travel opportunity, behaviour of their children, child’s education and neighbour’s noise!

And what is noticeable is the fact that being curious about future is not just limited to elderly people at home anymore. I have seen a lot of college students seeing astrologers. I am not giving any recommendations to anyone here to either go or not to go to astros anymore. I am just amazed looking at the trend in the society especially when more and more people are turning out to be literates (?)! Personally I myself believe in astro to some extent and have gone to known astrologers a couple of times… 3-4 times I guess and later decided that I am not gonna keep showing my horoscope to every other person and ask what is in store for me. I have full respect for a few of them for not being too money minded. Whatever has to happen will anyway happen? It is also not that if they predict not so good things I will sit and worry about it. I realized after hearing 3-4 of them that while I enjoy hearing good things that they say and in some corner of my mind hope that it comes true… and also keep waiting that so and so month/year so and so thing will happen types, whenever they mentioned not so good things, I just didn’t take even a word of it into my heart. It just doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t worry even a bit.! Am I not strong enough?? Lol.. touch wood!

So if you believe in astrology, want to know what is in store for you and still wanna be at peace - my suggestion is don’t run behind every other astrologer several times. Go to astrologers only if you have the will power to digest whatever they say. And note it can be to any extent. Else don’t even make an attempt.
If you are an average willed person, show it to one and may be take second opinion from one or two more max! If you notice that each of them told you entirely different things, just forget about it all and stop worrying about future. Even if they all talk the same language, focus on good things that they said and hope for good to happen. Just ignore the not so good things. Just ignore. If you can’t, my only question is why the hell did you go in the first place?!

Last but not least, take life easily…don’t break your head so much on something that nobody can see perfectly. Be optimistic, have faith in god and concentrate on how to tackle your problems practically. Result will just follow… Happy new year to all of you. And happy horoscope reading :-)
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