Saturday, October 25, 2008

Midnite music..

Have you ever heard varity of music numbers in the midnite? If not, try it out..dont put the volume too high or even too low.. melodious to jing bang.. old to new.. sad to joy numbers..romantic to meaningful numbers on life and existance. Itz quite amazing that people have made atleast one song for any situation in life. Dheere dheere se from aashiqui.. dil to pagal hai.. chup ke se from saathiyaa..zindagi ka safar, a kishore number....
I am listening to it all now and i can see my mood changing often depending on the kind of song that is being played on. And a lot of memories passing through during each and every song. From childhood days at home & school..from neighbours and holidays to the most recent happenings..
Few of which i love to cherish again and again to a few more which brings tears in my eyes constantly.. from learnings and gains to the failures and deepest loss of life!
Guess i am getting too senti now.. let me stop it all here and put on a jing bang music before i hit the bed.. Good night all of you!
You should try listening to music in the midnite when the entire world around you is sleeping .. no disturbance.. in absolute silence.. in dark..when you cant hear anything but music.. when u cant see anything but your own memories.. am sure you will like it.. let me know if you have such memories!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fire Drill or Bomb threat?

It was so dramatic...with atleast a few dozen cops, staff from fire engine service, ambulance, bomb squads along with their respective rescue equipments walking all over the place in tension. Name the instrument and it was there. Hundreds of us were standing outside the premises and watching the show! Initially it all sounded so funny, after few minutes felt quite stupid..but the climax was amazing! I felt it was a great show.. i mean great job too :-)
I am talking about a unique fire drill which took place in my office today. I have attended a few more such sessions in other corporates before. The previous ones were more of trainings for name sake with a security officer reading out instructions and rescue mechanisms like bible.
But the fire drill training which i happened to attend today was amazingly realistic. I am still thinking about the kinda arrangements that they had done. Must have easily spent 2-3 lakhs. Can you imagine getting 2 big vans full of cops, one fire engine with staff, 2 ambulances, bomb squads, videographers and a lot of people to make the show happen? Almost 60 outsiders along with the company emergency rescue team volunteers! Hundreds of us witnessed dummy but still scary bomb explosions with smoke and heat all over the place. While i enjoyed watching it all, was more worried about the pollution and its effect on my skin tone :-))
They happened to give a live demo of how affected victims are rushed to give first aid and other treatment. Normally when there is fire, all the lifts will be shut down. It is also advisable to use the stair case and emergency exit in the corners. We were jus watching and all of a sudden a guy was slided down from 2nd floor of the building (in the air). He was quickly fixed on the stretcher with ropes tied all over the body. He was parcelled from few hands in 2nd floor to a few more in the ground floor only using ropes! The guy happened to be one of the managers in the company who could not control his laughter even sleeping on the death bed!
Best of the moments was when they gave demo of a person who was rescued from the terrace (almost in the 10th floor) of the building. This was assuming a case where building has caught fire all over, where even the emergency exit cannot be used and at the same time the person fighting for his life has to be rushed for the treatment.
Again, this person who acted as a victim of a head injury was tied with ropes and made to sit and slide down in the air from 10th floor. You can imagine the amount of risk involved in doing so howmuchever an expert you are! It took a few minutes to receive the victim down in the groundfloor who was hanging in air for sometime. Btw the first few dummy bombs had pinkish smoke and particles spread all over the floor like the rangoli powder. The last one was a petrol bomb producing lot of heat and blackish smoke giving it the real effect!
I must say it was overall a very good show!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My first shot!

I am quite exited about posting my first public blog. Light, Camera, Action….. yupeeeeeeee its all ready!
And I designed it all just in a day’s time. Yesterday and today! Isn’t it amazing? Are you saying ‘great job’…?? Thank you so much..
I have come up with a blog page for myself like a lot of others do.. but what do I write about? I know there are hundreds of things one can write about. But posting something or the other regularly? Uffff.. sounds quite tough..
But I am gonna try this out.. So you please be with me and keep giving your feedback! Aaaand for now, see ya!
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