Monday, December 15, 2008

Love you all speechless creatures :-)

I was busy enjoying the drive back home sitting in the office bus. We had traveled 3-4 kms from office through a short cut route which connects to bannergatta road. It was a slight curve on the road to take right turn and all of a sudden I hear krrrrrrrr…In just a fraction of seconds on the opposite side of the road a little pup wanted to rush through the road was hit by a car. Car just moved forward without stopping even for a second. How inhumane!!

Kew kew kew kew..little one made noise, quickly got up and went back to the place from where it started the race. Ufff.. I almost had a heart attack for those few seconds!! I took a deep breath after seeing him running back with a bent leg, standing and screaming with pain. Thank god, the doggie survived!! It was definitely not the mistake of the car driver because he was driving in his normal speed. But the pup rushed from nowhere which was not expected by the driver. While I was happy that nothing major happened to the cute little creature, was pissed off the way car driver/owner rushed ahead after that.

I had one hundred questions in mind…How can he not even stop his vehicle and check what happened to the animal? What is that he would have done if he had hit a human being instead of an animal? I am sure he would have stopped. What if the animal had died on spot or had major injuries? Who would have reached to its rescue? And now that pup had an injured leg (not sure how bad the suffering was) how many days it has to suffer before recovering?

I later went into a world of different thoughts altogether. So badly I wanted to get out of my vehicle, go hug the pup and check out if everything was alright. Felt like consoling him. But again, since I was in the office bus i knew no one will encourage it. If I had to get down, then I would have to arrange my own transportation back from that deserted place. I felt helpless. For a moment I also thought we are all willing to offer a helping hand only if we have all the other luxury and atmosphere to ensure that we don’t put ourselves in trouble in the process of helping others.

These days my love for animals has increased so much that a few weeks ago I even called up an institute who offer a vocational training in animal grooming. If given an opportunity even now, I want to make a career out of it. Just that there is lot of risk factor and I can’t afford it at this point of time. I believe the course fee itself is One Lakh for just 20 days training!!! I hope that each of us become little more sensitive towards these animals and show little care and affection at times of need.

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